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Italian fabrics and French Lace. The finest quality fabrics on earth. Dress Maker Melbourne VIC

d'Italia - Wedding Couture

Custom designed & tailored to fit your body perfectly

Custom making your wedding dress ensures you will get exactly the style you want and that it will fit you perfectly. These two qualities are impossible to get in a bought dress, which is why d'Italia is so popular for the custom-making of beautiful wedding gowns.

You get to direct how every centimeter of your dress will look. You get to choose the fabric, the colours, the lace and/or embellishments. You get to say what you do and don't want, right down to the type of buttons...!

This is the only way to get what you have always dreamt of AND it will fit you perfectly to give you the most beautiful shape and flatter you the most.

You don't have to settle or compromise for something that isn't exactly your style - having your dress made with d'Italia puts you in charge and guarantees you the gown of your dreams...

There is no limit to the style of dress that d'Italia can make for you. It comes down to your body shape and personal taste. Here are some examples for different types of wedding dresses that we can make:

Vintage Wedding Dresses
Long-Train Wedding Dresses
Strapless Wedding Dresses
Simple Wedding Dresses
Puffy Wedding Dresses
French Lace Wedding Dresses
Plus Size Wedding Dresses

d'Italia uses only the finest quality fabrics. You can read more about our beautiful wedding fabrics here:

Italian Wedding Fabrics
Genuine French Lace

d'Italia has over fifteen high quality seamstresses and couturiers. You can read more about them here:

Wedding Dressmaking and Couturiers


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