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Italian fabrics and French Lace. The finest quality fabrics on earth. Dress Maker Melbourne VIC

d'Italia imports exclusive designer fabric from Italian and French manufacturers who create for the top fashion houses of Europe.

French laces and beadings
d’Italia stocks a selection of the most beautiful and exquisite laces.

  • Beaded and unbeaded Chantilly laces
  • Beaded and unbeaded corded laces
  • Beaded and unbeaded Guippure laces
  • Beaded tulles
  • Beaded and/or embroidered lace and silk trims
  • Swarovski crystal motifs and trims

d’Italia only sources laces from France, as French laces stand out from all others as they mostly have a high cotton/silk content. This means they don’t have the usual plastic look and stiffness that cheap low-quality laces from elsewhere have, and the colours are much more subtle and elegant.

In addition, the French use only high-quality beads. The pearl beads, for example, don’t look plastic or cheap, and the crystals are usually only Swarovski.

All the items listed above are custom-made and hand-beaded, meaning that they are only made after an order is placed for them by d’Italia. This means that the laces come in only 4 to 5 meter pieces and can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months to arrive from France. It is only once d’Italia places an order with its exclusive French lacemakers that the work begins – the lace is made from scratch and the beading is literally all hand done.

This is why the selection available at d’Italia is so unique.

Silk Fabric

d’Italia’s silks are always pure silk – 100% silk content – unless there is a small percentage of elastic for a given purpose.

Pure silk – quality pure silk, that is – is coveted world-wide for good reason, which is why many will pay the price for a quality silk. A quality, “fine” silk has been processed in such a way that the fabric breathes beautifully and is less likely to go static. On the contrary, a cheap silk – and there are some very cheap silks available in larger chain fabric retail stores – will behave like a polyester or nylon fabric; it won’t breathe (like plastic) and it will have a high likelihood of going static.

There is a common misunderstanding amongst customers who don’t have much experience with fabric, in that many believe “silk” means shiny fabric. This is false. Silk is an actual fibre which fabric is made of, which can be finished as a shiny or matt or semi-matt fabric. Examples of different types of silks that d’Italia standardly stocks in store are:

  • Pure silk satins (glossy finish), in a range of weights such as light-weight satin, crepe satin, duchess satin and queen satin
  • Pure silk satin chiffons (super sheer with a lovely sheen)
  • Pure silk georgettes (semi sheer with a matt finish
  • Pure silk voiles (semi sheer with a sheen and body)
  • Pure silk organzas (semi sheer with a sheen and firmness)
  • Pure silk tulles (super fine, stocking-like and weightless)
  • Pure silk stretch silks (solid semi-matt with a lovely drape and no-crush feature)
  • Pure silk dupions (semi-matt firm, papery feel, with a slight slub)
  • Pure silk tafferas (semi-matt firm, papery feel, smooth texture)
  • Pure silk brocades (firm self-patterned or printed)
  • Pure silk suitings (firm plain silks with a little bit of texture)
  • All of the above come in either a wide array of plain colours – including bridal colours - and there is always a range of current-season designer prints available in limited lengths which cannot be re-ordered and are, as such, exclusive and highly sought after.

 Visit the website at www.ditalia.com.au or phone 03 9509 4633 for more information.

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